The benefits of COVID-19 compliance training

At NOSA, we know how vital it is that you and your staff manage your health and safety in the workplace, particularly amid these challenging times. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed a specific COVID-19 HSE Implementation Webinar – a course designed to help you and your employees understand how to implement HSE systems in your organisation in alignment with COVID-19 workplace safety guidelines.


COVID-19 HSE Implementation in action


Since introducing our COVID-19 HSE Implementation Webinar in May 2020 we’ve received an overwhelming response to the training, and the feedback we’ve received from learners has been positive and encouraging.


Overall impressions are that the online format is a hugely convenient platform, particularly for those working from home, and that facilitators are helpful and engaging.


“The course was informative and well-managed from an online perspective. I also liked that technical assistance was readily given when asked. It presented general guidelines for most industries,” says learner Roelof Schaaf.


Keeping learners engaged across an online platform is always a challenge, which is why this factor has been a point of focus for us not just in our COVID-19 HSE Implementation webinar, but in all the webinars offered by NOSA. The fact that learners are able to stay alert and attentive throughout, and successfully connect with the content speaks to the hard work and skill of our expert facilitators.


The interactive elements of the course have also been very well-received, and all necessary information on COVID-19 guidelines and compliance in the workplace is being communicated effectively.


“Generally, webinars are not fun, but this webinar experience was interactive,” says Roelof. “There was general clarification on [Level 3] COVID-19 guidelines, summed up nicely.” Learner Banele agrees: “This was a new way of learning for me, and there was enough information to put into practice in my job. My overall impression of the course is that it was very helpful.”


Of course, our COVID-19 training does more than simply take learners through guidelines – it gives them practical tools and recommendations they can implement in their own places of work.


“The course presented safety protocols that could be adopted by me, the employee, and the company, and reminded us why these protocols are important for us to implement,” says Banele. In the same way, Roelof was also able to take helpful information away, such as: “The importance of scanning workplace risks and how to mitigate these risks according to relevant legislative procedures.”


Perhaps the most valuable aspect of NOSA’s COVID-19 HSE Implementation webinar, however, is the opportunity for upskilling that it represents, and the career growth that goes hand-in-hand with this.


“This was a very constructive experience,” says Banele, “especially for someone like me, who knows and understands the relevant HSE principles in the workplace but not from a COVID-19 perspective”.


Roelof was also quick to identify the benefits of the training for employees, “especially for students and general workers who cannot access resources and information, and for those who cannot grasp this new pandemic and its effect on the workplace.”


Upskill your own employees with NOSA


From the feedback we’ve been receiving, it’s clear that our COVID-19 HSE Implementation Webinar has been successful in delivering on its key objectives – educating employees on COVID-19 guidelines as well as specific sections of the OHS Act, and helping them drive implementation of the new COVID-19 safety processes in their places of work.


If you’d like to ensure the same level of compliance, knowledge and training in your own workplace, our next webinar intake could be exactly the course you and your employees need to stay on track and in the know with COVID-19 guidelines.


To register for our next webinar, simply click here, or contact for more information, and let’s stay safe together.