NOSA – making training accessible for everyone

NOSA – making training accessible for everyone

With more than 70 years of experience and over 100 safety-related training courses on offer, at NOSA we pride ourselves on delivering the best in occupational health, safety and environmental training to learners throughout the country.

In the past, this has meant offering courses either on-site or at public training centres across South Africa. Now however, due to the demands and challenges that COVID-19 has presented, we’ve expanded our offering to include two convenient new training options – webinars and e-learning.

More training options, more accessibility

While NOSA has always recognised the benefits that webinars and e-learning present, the new COVID-19 environment has underscored just how valuable remote learning can be. It’s for this reason that NOSA has now invested in webinars and e-learning, developing and evolving our courses to suit these new platforms, and reaching more learners at the same time.

With webinars and e-learning courses now an established part of the NOSA curriculum, learners have access to NOSA’s training courses through four different mediums:

  • On-site: NOSA facilitators will provide training on-site at the client’s premises, delivering all training in person, and with maximum convenience for employees.
  • Training centres: With 19 training centres located across South Africa, NOSA offers face-to-face training between facilitators and learners.
  • Webinars: With facilitators located virtually, learners are able to log into their chosen course via Zoom, and participate remotely, with all relevant material available via the NOSA Academy portal.
  • E-learning: Learners are given access to the NOSA Academy portal where all material is available virtually – here they are able to complete their training in their own time, and in their location of choice, giving them premium convenience and flexibility.

Thanks to the scope of our geographic footprint, we are still able to reach learners around the country via on-site and classroom training, while adhering to all COVID-19 compliance practices. Through the NOSA Online Academy we are able to give learners the option of attending live webinars as they would attend real-life training in order to complete their course, should this still not be suitable, there is also the option to study at their own time and their own pace through the e-learning option

While the impact of COVID-19 has left its mark, it has also delivered the opportunity for us to think creatively, to be innovate and to adapt to changing business operating conditions. By harnessing our years of experience and our drive to educate and empower, we have been able to make our course material more accessible than ever before, and to further build on our mission of making quality health and safety training available to as many learners as possible.

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