The NOSA audit team provides an independent audit outcome to clients in the quest to uphold the best principles of occupational risk management in everyday business operations. The NOSA 10 step audit process is based on a risk driven approach. Measurement and evaluation of standards/requirements should be in accordance with process/site-specific risks rather than fixed or invariable criteria. The audit identifies a company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in the day-to-day management of their HSE risks. The grading of a company’s system forms the basis of our internationally acclaimed NOSA Integrated Five Star System. Clients are awarded up to five stars and a NOSCAR as a symbol of occupational risk management excellence. The NOSA audit team identifies non- conformances, areas of excellence and offers solutions through consultancy and training products, where required. We are the proud host of NOSHCON which is the well-recognized global HSE conference.

Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Audits

The NOSA Integrated Five Star System is a framework for action and compliance that can be implemented anywhere in the world, for any industry type, and for any company of any size or structure. The system is driven by risk, thus minimum requirements can be tailored to the specific hazards of your industry, and your corporate and national requirements. Zero harm/fatality prevention is the ultimate goal.

Industry/sector types where it can be implemented:

  • Manufacturing
  • Mining (opencast, underground, quarries, coal, surface plant, hard rock and other minerals)
  • Healthcare
  • Forestry
  • Office/administration
  • Farming
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Chemical
  • Education
  • Etc

NOSA offers a holistic range of auditing services, from basic legal compliance audits to integrated health, safety and environmental (HSE) management system audits.

NOSA provides auditing services on any of the following systems/standards:

  • Baseline / GAP audits
  • 5 Star-grading audits on –
    • NOSA Five Star System Standard (health and safety) and NOSA Integrated Five Star System (health, safety and environment)
    • NOSA integrated and aligned five-star system standard (including corporate governance and social responsibility)
  • NOSA contractor compliance audits (basic health and safety system)
  • NOSA legal compliance opinions (in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and Mine Health and Safety Act requirements)
  • Client specific – corporate standards / assurance audits
  • Limited scope – incident management, maintenance system, etc.

A baseline/GAP audit is used as a basis for identifying deviations between a client’s management system and NOSA’s HSE Management Systems (the ideal state). The baseline audit serves as a consultative exercise, and while the client will receive a detailed site report, no star grading will be allocated. The audit focuses largely on OHS/HSE risks, and identifies any shortcomings of the OHS/HSE system on the client’s site.

A star-grading audit is conducted to determine the status of a client’s risk management system and compliance with the applicable NOSA protocol. The audit is typically conducted annually, but can be done more frequently, if requested by the client. The outcome of the audit can then be displayed as proof of a NOSA star grading.

NOSA Consulting Services

NOSA’s consulting services comprise a team of highly qualified experts in environmental control, occupational health and hygiene, risk management and safety disciplines.

To assist with hazard/aspect identification (HIRA), hierarchal control development, to effectively eliminate occupational hazards, NOSA’s expert team helps negotiate and manage the challenges of modern business.

Strategic alliances have been formed with global environmental consultancies to facilitate service delivery excellence to all industries across the African continent, as well as the Middle East.

Client-specific needs are our focus and the NOSA consulting services team takes a bespoke approach for effective solutions to suit your operations. We also strive to deliver OHS/HSE processes that are sustainable and easily managed by the client’s on-site teams.

Manpower Services (Outsourced Risk Management)

NOSA Consulting is in the unique position to provide quality short term experts including safety/environmental officers, safety agents and safety/environmental managers on a per project basis. Our support has been extended to assist with COVID screening at entrances to our client’s premises to ensure compliance to DoH and other COVID legal requirements.

NOSA Events

NOSA prides itself on hosting our annual award ceremonies and safety forums, around the country, in the lead-up to the NOSCARS. These events recognise organisations that continually commit to providing safe and healthy work environments for employees. The NOSCARS allow local and international winners the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise on the latest developments in the pursuit of a risk-free workplace for all employees.

NOSHCON explores the latest in risk management products and services and showcases practical solutions and best practice risk management concepts to a host of industries.

NOSA Occupational Hygiene

NOSA Occupational Hygiene Services is an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) for occupational hygiene, and is a SANAS-approved OH AIA (OH0246 – SANAS 17020). The AIA status for NOSA Occupational Hygiene Services covers the following services; monitoring of chemical stress factors, physical stress factors, and evaluation of indoor air quality and ventilation systems.

NOSA’s occupational hygiene services include:

  • health risk assessments
  • workplace and environmental monitoring
  • noise surveys for hearing conservation or annoyance purposes
  • illumination (day and night 􀆟me) and emergency illumination surveys
  • ventilation and indoor air quality surveys, including an evaluation of the efficiency of laboratory fume cupboards, extraction ventilation systems and spray booths
  • thermal stress, heat and cold stress surveys
  • hygiene and facilities surveys, including food handling, sanitary facilities, change rooms, canteens and drinking water
  • baseline ergonomic surveys (physical and organisational aspects) air, water and soil pollution assessments
  • analytical and laboratory services
  • radiation assessment for sources of human exposure to microwave and radiofrequency fields in the frequency range 3 kHz to 300 GHz
  • risk assessments on occupational stressors,
    • including hazardous chemical substances (dusts, fumes, vapours, and so on),
    • physical agents (noise, heat, ventilation, vibration, illumination, and so on),
    • biological agents and ergonomics (physical and organisational aspects)
  • hazardous chemical substance surveys, such as dusts, fumes, vapours and asbestos – according to internationally recognised methods (the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and E Health/OSH Act/HSE)
  • on-request training services for clients on specific stressors, and custom-designed training material and manuals.

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