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If you’re thinking about a career change, the health and safety industry could be an excellent choice for you. Not only is it a hugely satisfying and rewarding way to make a living, it’s one that allows you to make a real difference in people’s lives, ensuring their safety and their mental and physical wellness day in and day out.

In addition, health and safety professionals are in high demand, now more than ever. Workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses cost companies money, affect employee morale, and decrease productivity significantly. For this reason, companies are always on the lookout for qualified staff – meaning job prospects in the industry are excellent.

If you’re confident, patient, and have good communication skills, a career in health and safety could be just the move you’ve been looking for. And since health and safety professionals are needed around the world, your future both locally and internationally looks bright!

Becoming a certified health and safety professional

Of course, before you can make a career change to health and safety, you’ll need certain credentials and qualifications first. Health and safety is an industry that needs well-trained, knowledgeable professionals – and that’s where NOSA comes in. Take a look at our five most affordable health and safety courses, and kickstart your new career today!

1. SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) Representative – R890 for 1 day

Learn what is expected of a SHE representative in the workplace, and how to carry out the various inspections and procedures expected of the role. You’ll learn more about common workplace incidents and how to prevent them, the responsibilities, purpose and structure of an HSE committee, how to participate effectively in committee procedures, and you’ll be given a general overview of the all-important OHS Act.

 2. Preliminary Incident Investigation – R2 890 for 2 days

In this course you’ll learn more about workplace incidents – how to conduct a preliminary investigation, how to gather information for an investigation, and how to identify various incident causes. You’ll also learn how to explain the specific requirements for conducting investigations, and how to carry out any necessary post-investigation activities.

3. Introduction to the OHS Act – R1 630 for 1 day

Knowledge of the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety Act) is a must for any health and safety professional. By taking this course, you’ll learn more about legal liability between employers and contractors, and how to tell the difference between common law and legislation. You’ll also be given a basic understanding of your responsibilities as they relate to the OHS Act, how to read and use the OHS Act, how to manage health and safety, and when health and safety policies are most effective.

4. Emergency Evacuation Procedures – R1 480 for 2 days

Here you’ll learn how to tell the difference between an incident and an actual emergency, and understand more about the various emergencies that can occur in the workplace. You’ll also learn how to respond to emergencies, the correct procedures relating to them, and the methods that need to be employed when in an assembly area following an alarm.

5. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) – R1 860 for 2 days

Learn how to prepare and conduct a risk assessment in the workplace, how to identify and remedy any potential risks or hazards identified, and how to make a meaningful contribution to ongoing health and safety within a work environment.

Contact us today for more on our health and safety courses, and look forward to a rewarding, prosperous future within the health and safety industry.