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Quarantine has seen us spending more time at home than ever before – working, studying, unwinding, and sometimes even teaching little ones too. But now that so many guidelines have been relaxed over level 1, should life be going back to normal again, or should we be keeping some of the new structures we’ve implemented over the past few months? When it comes to learning, the answer is yes.

While studying in an actual classroom has a number of benefits, e-learning, or remote learning, is just as beneficial, both for organisations and individuals alike. So while e-learning may have been a necessity over lockdown, now that restrictions have been lifted it’s still every bit as valuable as traditional learning methods – and can be extremely advantageous to those in the working world too.

The benefits of online training for organisations

So how exactly does e-learning benefit companies and organisations?

  • It’s cheaper: Digital training materials for e-learning courses are far less expensive to produce than printed materials for classroom learning – and these cost reductions are often reflected in a significant price difference between classroom and e-learning courses. Similarly there are far fewer costs involved for trainers, classrooms, catering, transport, and any employee food allowances. All employees generally need is access to a computer, or similar device, and the internet, making e-learning a hugely cost-effective option.
  • It’s flexible: There’s no need for employees to be unavailable for long periods throughout the day. Thanks to the flexible nature of e-learning, employees can focus on their studies when it’s most convenient for the business, and can work at their own pace too, without having an impact on company productivity.
  • It’s profitable. With its substantial economies of scale, e-learning offers a significant return on investment, helping to boost your company’s bottom line.
  • It’s trackable. Sign your employees up for e-learning courses and you’ll easily be able to track who’s completed their courses and who’s behind, helping you to measure their progress and development.
  • It’s standardised. Thanks to a common methodology being used across all qualifications, you can trust that all your employees are being held to the same standard, and that they have been given the best education possible to help add to their skill sets, and contribute to their own personal growth.

The benefits of online training for employees

Just as e-learning has many real benefits for organisations, so too does it offer many advantages to employees as well.

  • It’s time-saving. With no travel time needed, no physical materials to purchase, and no materials to sort through, you’ll be able to save valuable time on admin and logistics. Search your digital materials quickly and easily, transfer information between devices and enjoy premium accessibility to all your course content any time, day or night.
  • It’s easier. Learning coursework is one thing – retaining that information is another. With e-learning’s innovative content, however, and its use of videos, podcasts and other interactive elements, you’ll be constantly engaged and stimulated, and more likely to retain important information over time.
  • It’s flexible. Learn in your own time at your own pace, with no need to become stressed over work conflicts or time pressures. Thanks to the nature of e-learning, you’ll be able to focus on your studies whenever it’s most convenient for you to do so.
  • It’s developmental. E-learning encourages self-discipline and motivation, as well as interaction with other learners via online platforms. This development of personal and professional attributes is hugely valuable, and could help contribute to your growth and success going forward.
  • It’s safe. There’s no need to enter an actual classroom, and no need to physically interact with people, thus reducing your risk of contracting COVID-19, or any other illnesses.

Flexible, cost-effective, and completely safe as well. There are so many benefits to e-learning, it’s easy to see why more companies and more employees are choosing virtual training over other, more traditional methods. If you’d like to explore just how e-learning can benefit you, contact us today and let’s start working together to save you time and money.