NOSA specialised

NOSA Specialised & Advanced Health & Safety Training

Training aimed at assisting knowledge growth in specific skill areas for health and safety including facilitation and NOSA protocols.

Once learners have a good base understanding of health & safety and have mastered the basic health & safety training such as offered in the SAMTRAC course, these three courses are great as additional, advanced health & safety information to take your knowledge further and expand your competency for auditing workplaces and setting protocols.

Keep in mind all our courses may be taken remotely.

This course will take the learners through a detailed and proven procedure for effective internal audits. Whilst the course is directed towards the NOSA HSE Management System, the principles can be applied to audit any HSE system/process.

The course deals with training and facilitation techniques, focused on outcomes-based learning principles. Learners are guided to facilitate adult learning. This course is a prerequisite for licensee registration to current selected NOSA courses.

This course will provide the successful learner with an overview of the NOSA Integrated Five Star System, and guidelines that will enhance effective implementation and maintenance of system standards.

This 2-day e-learning programme is a dynamic, engaging and interactive course, designed to equip supervisors and managers with the resources to better manage wellness challenges. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to gain insights and strategies to effectively engage with and support those struggling with mental health in the workplace.

This engaging and interactive session is designed to allow participants to increase their awareness of mental health and take responsibility for understanding and managing their wellness journey. The impact of mental wellness has a direct impact on presenteeism, productivity and safe work behaviour to the effect that approximately 69% of lost workdays are ascribed to mental wellbeing. This session provides the opportunity for individuals to consider their current mental health status and strategies to ensure continued mental well-being in their current context.