Managing Mental Wellness for Employees

Course description

This engaging and interactive session is designed to allow participants to increase their awareness of mental health and take responsibility for understanding and managing their wellness journey. The impact of mental wellness has a direct impact on presenteeism, productivity and safe work behaviour to the effect that approximately 69% of lost workdays are ascribed to mental wellbeing. This session provides the opportunity for individuals to consider their current mental health status and strategies to ensure continued mental well-being in their current context.

Formative assessment

  • Various assessments and activities will be completed during the online course, as well as homework

Summative assessment

  • None

Course outline

The following themes will be covered:

  • getting out of the blocks with the right mindset
  • emotional intelligence within a COVID-19 context
  • the impact of personality on your mental wellness
  • maintaining mental fitness by effectively managing anxiety, depression and burnout
  • mindfulness as a tool to maintain mental fitness
  • gratitude as an integral part of mental fitness
  • improve your mental fitness by the way you solve problems
  • understanding habits, managing them and how to change bad habits
  • cognitive bias and mental wellness
  • workout programme for mental fitness
  • managing mental wellness in a remote workplace


The value of the course lies in:

  • equipping participants with the necessary tools to keep mentally fit
  • taking initiative towards one’s own mental health. Using resources available to keep mentally fit and giving you the tools to do that in the privacy of your own home
  • equipping participants with fundamental knowledge about the psychodynamics of personal growth so as to thrive, be resilient and counter the mental effects of anxiety, depression, burnout and the challenges relating to remote work