Defensive driver training programme:
The SPAR Group Limited

NOSA has served as the national training provider for the SPAR Group’s Defensive Driver Training Programme since April 2012. With on-site driver trainers placed at SPAR’s six national distribution centres, NOSA has implemented a wide range of solutions, including practical on-road assessing, mentoring and coaching, and theoretical classroom training, as well as corrective action training. All of this was driven by data produced from SPAR’s internal monitoring systems.

The SPAR Group Ltd embarked on this process in order to:

  • decrease risk on the road
  • maximise on costs saving on their fleet operations
  • create competent defensive drivers that uphold the SPAR brand
  • keep transport costs down to ensure product pricing
  • remains competitive

The measurables that were put in place to ensure that the objectives could be achieved included:

  • improving telemetry scores and to maintain driver scoring above or higher than set targets
  • reducing fuel consumption by 2%
  • improving driver on-road behaviour
  • reducing repairs and maintenance costs
  • decreasing road accidents

All the training is unit standard aligned and operationally based to ensure that each driver, over a period of time, achieves a nationally recognised qualification. Specific training programmes have also been implemented at a distribution level as and when they have arisen. These include:

  • forklift training
  • anti-hijacking
  • loader training
  • fatigue management
  • roll-tainer training

“During the inception phase, NOSA presented this programme excellently and it was executed as promised,” says Charles Davidson, SPAR Group Transport Manager. “The courses have always been well received by our drivers. We believe that this programme has been instrumental in helping The SPAR Group to achieve its goals related to retail delivery.”

NOSA delivered on all set deliverables within two years. By October 2017 the ongoing results at a group level included:

  • 36% improvement in driver telemetry scores
  • 10.1% reduction in fuel consumption costs
  • 12% reduction in road accidents
  • 8.87% reduction in repairs and maintenance

“Working with NOSA has been such a pleasure,” says Ntombizonke Mavuso, SPAR’s North Rand Outbound Logistics Manager. “The support provided by the driver trainers is immensely valuable to the North Rand operation, especially when we are faced with ad hoc issues that require their expertise.”

Through effective implementation of the driver project, together with the commitment and support from the SPAR logistics and training teams, The SPAR Group continues to achieve its goals related to retail delivery. Its fleet remains one of the most trusted on the road, ensuring safer roads for all road users.