GMR2(1) Supervisor for Machinery Webinar

Course description

The course provides learners an overview of the key requirements of the OHS Act, pertaining to safe use of plant and machinery, and how to implement and manage these.

Summative assessment

  • Online assessment to be done at the end of the course, learners must achieve a minimum of 60%

Course outline

The following aspects will be addressed during the course:

  • What the law consists of in respect of occupational health and safety.
  • How to read legislation in general but specifically in respect of the OHS Act
  • Terminology and legal liabilities in respect of occupational health and safety
  • The reasons for appointing a competent person to oversee the use of machinery
  • What determines competency in respect of this particular appointment
  • The appointment of assistants to the supervisor of machinery
  • Duties of manufacturers, designers, erectors and installers
  • The necessity for and the role of the competent person in respect of:
    • risk assessments;.
    • audits;
    • safe operating procedures;
    • permit systems;
    • lock-outs, etc.
  • The legal requirements and practical approach to the General Machinery Regulations (GMRs)
  • Process to be followed during the appointment of a competent person
  • Relationship between different role players in occupational health and safety.