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While the economy opens, and various industries resume operations, the response from our citizens has been mixed. Some of us are delighted at the apparent freedom (or at least freedom in comparison to those difficult weeks in March and April), while for some, the additional liberties have yielded (quite justified) paranoia.

The OHS policy of NOSA stipulates identification of hazards; risks; transfer of knowledge thereof, and the importance of the prevention of ill health and disease to all workers, visitors, and contractors during the nature of its business.


In response to the above, NOSA has appointed a COVID-19 Project Team and Committee to implement a COVID-19 prevention and mitigation plan. The purpose of the plan is to provide employees, contractors, visitors and students with a safe working environment that is, as far as possible, free of health hazards, which is inclusive of pandemic diseases. Since the beginning of June, the plan has included (but is not limited to):

Risk assessment

Our adapted risk assessment includes the identification of exposure levels; identification of ’high-contact’ and high-risk activities, and identification of vulnerable workers and special measures for their protection, including protection against unfair discrimination or victimisation.

Engineering controls

  • We increased ventilation in office spaces by opening windows and doors during working hours.
  • We installed proper signage and risk communication to everyone entering the facilities.
  • Workstations have been adapted to increase social distance (social distancing floor decals and physical barriers in the form of screens have been installed where required).

Administrative controls

  • We implemented a self-monitoring application employees complete daily, to screen and report symptoms.
  • Work-at-home and rotation strategies are implemented where possible.
  • Weekly communication and information sessions are held to keep employees informed.
  • A COVID-19 Project Team (consisting of a Project Manager, EXCO, COVID-19 Committee and COVID-19 representatives) was appointed.
  • All employees have to complete online compulsory COVID-19 induction training provided by NOSA.
  • All employees, visitors, contractors and students must be temperature screened and be wearing a mask before entering the facility.
  • For regulatory processes, we have implemented EHSCloud software with the specific COVID-19 module to monitor and report incidents.
  • We ensure our employees have access to employees assistance programmes (EAPs).

Healthy and safe work practices

  • NOSA Testing conducts regular surface swab tests at facilities.
  • Deep cleaning of facilities with disinfectants is conducted at the prescribed intervals.
  • Employees, visitors, contractors and students are encouraged to use sanitisers and personal hygiene measures.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Our employees are provided with cloth masks, gloves (where applicable), and facial shields, the wearing of which is compulsory.

Provision of safe transport for employees

We do not provide transport for our employees, but we have educated our employees on personal hygiene; social distancing; arrangements to minimise exposure associated with commuting, and the effectiveness of cloth masks and PPE.

Water disposal practices

The handling and disposal of all PPE, biological related waste (tissues, personal wipes, Sanibin contents), to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or any other blood-borne/fluid-related diseases.


We are aware that everyone needs to adapt to the current situation in a way that offers them peace of mind. For some, venturing into the world may be too risky right now, regardless of the mitigation measures put in place. We’d like to reassure you – whether you decide to continue your skills development plan online (via E-Learning or Webinar course options), or in the classroom, NOSA has you covered.