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COVID-19 Workplace Safety Guidelines

It is vital that you and your employees responsible for managing safety in your workplace, understand how to implement HSE systems in your organisation in alignment with COVID-19 workplace safety guidelines.

A two-hour webinar workshop curated to a company’s specific workplace procedures. Businesses are required to complete a questionnaire, which forms a baseline of existing procedures, from which the individual induction programmes are then presented. Employees gain a greater understanding of the new way of work within the context of COVID-19.

A one-day webinar programme created to assist companies and its employees responsible for implementing new COVID-19 safety processes within the workplace. Training will cover a range of the relevant legislation to ensure businesses are equipped to manage the new risk posed by the coronavirus.

In addition to our products and services specific to preventing the spread of (and protecting workplaces from) COVID-19, a number of our established courses have been enhanced to make specific reference to safety practices within the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

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