Taking basic care of freight handling machinery

Course description

A learner accredited with this standard will be able to utilise the competencies acquired in selecting, utilising and caring for freight handling machinery and equipment, to positively add to operational efficiencies.

Course outline

By the end of the course, learners will understand:

  • how to conduct pre-trip inspection, operating, shut down and parking of equipment
  • handling equipment capacity, rating and operation i.e. using the correct equipment for the correct mass, as well as the principles of operation
  • suitability of equipment in relation to environment and prevailing conditions (e.g. preventing contamination through exhaust fumes)
  • safety precautions in operating the equipment for particular product types
  • safety measures, and in the event of incidents and accidents, procedures to be followed
  • the consequences of failure to comply with maintenance and operational requirements on machinery and equipment
  • the relevant national and international standards, codes and legislation pertaining to the selected discipline.