Spill training workshop

Course description

The workshop has been developed in conjunction with a National Spill Response organisation. It is product specific and includes a practical emergency spill drill. Prior to the training, the facilitator will spend time in an organisation, collecting the various MSDSs, which are used and take photos of the hazardous goods storage areas of the various products that are stored. These will be incorporated into the programme to ensure that the workshop is specific and relevant to an organisation.

Course outline

By the end of the course, the learners will understand how to:

  • take initial action
  • identify what is seen
  • get help
  • conduct a hazard assessment
  • sound the alert and evacuate
  • secure the area and establish boundaries
  • establish a plan of action
  • establish decontamination and first aid situations
  • contain the spill
  • clean up the spill
  • investigate and evaluate
  • recognise product examples:
    • product identification
    • hazards
    • PPE
  • carry out a practical spill drill.

The above programme can be customised to suit a specific organisation’s policies and procedures.