Receive and dispatching freight and handling freight returns

Course description

A learner will now be capable of demonstrating an integrated practical and theoretical knowledge of receipt, dispatch and returns of freight procedures, based on quality service to the customer and product care. The learner will be able to accept additional responsibility through knowledge of the whole process.

Course outline

By the end of the course, learners can understand, explain and apply:

  • the relevant legislation and international standards pertaining to storage areas and safety and security procedures and precautions concerning receipt and dispatch
  • current trends in storage patterns and methodologies used
  • special storage and handling conditions required based on storage and handling characteristics of freight (e.g. inherent vice)
  • time management principles to maximise client satisfaction
  • efficient receipt, dispatch and returns administration procedure
  • optimal load limits and rates for specific transport modes
  • the transport routes and conditions, together with the mode of transport and how these factors affect the status of the freight for receipt and dispatch purposes
  • current trends in company inventory and stock control systems
  • the need for strict compliance with customer instructions with due regard to all parties involved.