Pick stock in a distribution center/ warehouse

Course description

This unit standard is intended for people who pick stock for despatch to stores/customers in a Distribution Centre or Warehouse. These persons are able to identify stock listed on a picking advice, pick the correct quantity, pack and move the stock ready for despatch to customers/stores in a manner that prevents losses and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain.

Course outline

Participants will achieve workshop outcomes by being able to understand:

  • the organisational method for notifying items to pick and the understanding of these notifications
  • the effect of incorrect picking on the business
  • the different organisational packing containers and their uses
  • the different stock in the DC/warehouse, their characteristics and the best methods of packing them
  • different methods/machinery/equipment for picking in the organisation
  • how to identify the different problems that could be encountered when picking stock and to whom they must be reported
  • organisational requirements in respect of tagging/identifying stock/containers with their destination
  • load points and how to choose the correct load point
  • how to minimise damages when picking, packing and moving stock
  • the impact of damages on the organisation
  • the terms ‘shrinkage’ and ‘losses’
  • the effect of shrinkage and losses on profits and employees
  • causes and preventative methods for shrinkage and losses as applicable to the process of picking stocks
  • common terms and concepts used when picking stock in the DC.