NEBOSH International Construction Certificate (ICC) Webinar

Course description

The NEBOSH International Construction Certificate (ICC) course provides employees in the construction industry with essential knowledge to enable them to take an active role in the management of health and safety in their workplace and the best way to integrate risk management into daily operations, as well as monitor this effectively. It covers key construction issues in more technical detail.

Summative Assessment

  • IG1 is assessed by online assessment completed at home
  • ICC1 is assessed by written assessment at NOSA branch at the end of the course
  • ICC2 is assessed by practical assessment carried out in your workplace (or another suitable workplace)

Course outline

The ICC comprises three national general certificate (NGC) units:

  • IGC 1: Management of international health and safety
    • Element 1: Foundations in health and safety
    • Element 2: Health and safety management systems – Plan
    • Element 3: Health and safety management systems – Do
    • Element 4: Health and safety management systems – Check
    • Element 5: Health and safety management systems – Act
  • ICC 1: Managing and controlling hazards in international construction activities
    • Element 1: Construction management
    • Element 2: Construction site – hazards and risk control
    • Element 3: Vehicle and plant movement – hazards and risk control
    • Element 4: Musculoskeletal – hazards and risk control
    • Element 5: Work equipment – hazards and risk control
    • Element 6: Electrical safety
    • Element 7: Fire safety
    • Element 8: Chemical and biological – health hazards and risk control
    • Element 9: Physical and psychological – health hazards and risk control
    • Element 10: Working at height – hazards and risk control
    • Element 11: Evacuation work and confined spaces – hazards and risk control
    • Element 12: Demolition and deconstruction – hazards and risk control
  • ICC 2: International construction health and safety practical application