NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management (EC) Webinar

Course description

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management (EC) is a recognised environmental qualification worldwide, which focuses on environmental management systems (ISO 14001), impact assessments, energy efficiency, pollution and environmental emergencies. The syllabus includes UK, EU and international references.

Summative Assessment

  • EC1 is assessed by written assessment at NOSA branch at the end of the course
  • EC2 is assessed by practical assessment carried out in your workplace (or another suitable workplace)

Course outline

The EC consists of two components:

  • EC 1: Management and control of environmental hazards
    • Element 1: Foundations in environmental management
    • Element 2: Environmental management systems
    • Element 3: Environmental impact assessments
    • Element 4: Control emissions to air
    • Element 5: Control of contamination of water sources
    • Element 6: Control of waste and land use
    • Element 7: Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency
    • Element 8: Control of environmental noise
    • Element 9: Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies
  • EC 2: Environmental practical application.