Legal Liability Webinar

Course description

Divided into six parts, this course will provide learners with a better understanding of the concept of legal liability and how legislation regulates and enforces it.

Summative Assessment

  • Written assessment to be done online at the end of the course. Learners must achieve a minimum of 65%.

Course outline

  • Part A: Covers principles in liability, including legal terminology and the different types of liability. There are a variety of case studies included to provide leaners with a better understanding of these concepts.
  • Part B: Covers the OHS Act and legislative criminal liability. This section includes the duties of employers and employees, while providing additional case studies for further understanding.
  • Part C: Provides an overview, as well as commentary, of the OHS Act Regulations, and extracts from key Regulations.
  • Part D: Introduces environmental law, including an overview of emission standards, offences and penalties (in terms of water management strategies, the Waste Act, etc.).
  • Part E: Focuses on corporate governance and the application of King IV.
  • Part F: Provides insight into legal compliance