Hazard identification & risk assessment (HIRA) for mining

Course description

This practical course will provide learners with the necessary tools and skills to enable them to carry out hazard identification and risk assessments in the workplace. The aim of the course is to enable responsible and informed contributions to the health and safety effort in the workplace.

Formative assessment

  • Various activities will be completed during class.

Summative assessment

  • Written assessment to be done at the end of the course.

Course outline

By the end of the course, the successful learner will be able to:

  • Explaining:
    • the HIRA process
    • the different types of HIRA in the workplace.
  • Selecting the appropriate HIRA method for different circumstances
  • Describing and applying the techniques used in HIRA in the workplace
  • Conducting a risk assessment using the HIRA methodology
  • Identifying applicable control measures