Fall arrest & rescue

Course description

The course will equip learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding in order to take responsibility for installing, using and inspecting fall arrest systems and to perform basic rescues.

Formative assessment

  • Various activities will be completed during class, as well as for homework.

Summative assessment

  • Written assessment and practical assessment to be done at the end of the course, learners must be found to be competent in bothe written and practical assessment.

Course outline

Upon completion of the course, the successful learner will be able to assume responsibility for inspection and installation of fall arrest systems, and for implementing fall protection plans and rescues. Learners will also be able to:

  • explain:
    • the use of a range of fall arrest equipment and knowledge of applicable regulations
    • the use basic rope knots.
  • install and use fall arrest systems
  • inspect and assemble fall arrest equipment and systems
  • interpret and implement a fall protection plan
  • perform basic fall arrest rescues to bring a casualty down to safety.