Cold storage workshop

Course description

The purpose of this workshop is to enable candidates to work efficiently in an environment that requires special temperature control and storage, while ensuring freight/stock integrity. They will acquire knowledge that will assist in the implementation of correct hygiene and safety measures that need to be applied when working in a temperature-controlled environment.

Course outline

By the end of the course, learners can understand, explain and apply:

  • conditions relating to storage in cold storage
  • comprehend basic refrigeration principles
  • different refrigeration systems
  • appropriate cold store cooling loads
  • troubleshooting for cold store temperature problems
  • old store housekeeping
  • appropriate product handling at the cold store
  • correct hygiene and safety measures
  • temperature monitoring with reference to freight integrity
  • an ability to identify and rectify problems with maintaining the correct temperature in a competent manner.

The above programme can be customised to suit a specific organisation’s policies and procedures.