Chemical handling workshop

Course description

This workshop is site and product specific. Prior to the training taking place, the facilitator will spend time in the organisation, collecting the various MSDSs that are used and take photos of the hazardous goods storage areas, and the various products that are stored on site. These will be incorporated into the programme to ensure that the workshop is specific and relevant to your organisation.

Course outline

By the end of the course, the learners will understand:

  • how to identify client- and site-specific needs
  • a brief overview of dangerous goods
  • classification of dangerous goods (nine classes)
  • interpretation of material safety data sheets
  • storage of dangerous goods:
    • segregation and compatibility
  • safety signs
  • TREMcard and dangerous goods declaration
  • vehicle placards
  • product and site-specific training for:
    • product identification
    • hazards
    • PPE
    • site photos of products
    • pictures of incidents with specific products.