Advanced fall arrest & rescue

Course description

The course will enable the learner to understand and perform a range of advanced fall arrest rescues while maintaining the safety and protection of people while working at height, where there is a risk of injury from a fall.

Formative assessment

  • Various activities will be completed during class.

Summative assessment

  • Written assessment and practical assessment to be done at the end of the course, learners must be found competent in both written and practical assessment.

Course outline

Upon completion of the course the learner will be able to ensure that the correct equipment is selected and that this equipment is safe for use. The learner will also be able to follow fall arrest principles when performing a fall arrest rescue as well as to:

  • explaining the principles of fall arrest rescues and perform rope manoeuvres
  • selecting equipment for advanced fall arrest rescues
  • explaining the requirements for equipment inspections
  • conducting fall arrest rescues.